Monday, October 20, 2008

New Friends . . .

These students came over for apple crisp and a game. Not sure what they really thought of the apple crisp, but they were good sports.  I've also gotten to play volleyball with these gals.  Fun times :)

This gal is a sister and such an encouragement to spend time with.  We were able to sing some hymns together in our different languages- same tune and meaning, but different words.  It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had.  A little taste of heaven on earth!

At our first meal in a Vietnamese home, this little girl (a neice of our friend) had quite the personality.  She warmed up to us quickly and we laughed a lot.  Here we are doing our signature "VTF" (Vietnam Teaching Fellowship) sign... our hands moving like bird's wings to show that we are FREE . . . in more ways than one :)

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Victoria Pies said...

What a cute little girl! Apple crisp, games and hymn singing definitely sound like an amazing time. Looks like so much fun!