Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prince Charming?

The other day while I was taking a shower, I saw something odd on the floor out of the corner of my eye.  I quickly realized a little frog had somehow managed to come in through our little "drain" (which is a hole in the corner).  He was quite small and would've caused no harm, but it just felt weird to have a little frog join me for my shower.  So I grabbed a cup (since our bathroom also serves as our dishwasher) and put it over the frog.  Then I was afraid the frog might suffocate- and I didn't want a dead frog to deal with.  So I scooted the cup along the floor until I was able to shove the frog back out the drain.  However, a second later, he decided to come back.  So I again shoved him back through the drain with the cup.  Then I got a bright idea- to put the little red brick back over the hole (the brick normally blocks the drain from critters like my Prince Charming from coming in when we're NOT taking showers).

Oh, and today was the reappearance of the small lizard or gecko??  This little guy has lived in our apartment for weeks now, and every once in a while he scares us half to death by running along the wall randomly.  If you have any name submissions for our little pet, please send them my way :)

It's been a great weekend.  Saturday mornings my roommate Maren and I usually run around Xuan Huong Lake after sleeping in- it's so refreshing!  Of course we get lots of stares and hollars, so listening to music while running is a big help :)  Then today we walked 30 minutes to our favorite little bakery- Lien Hoa.  Oooohhhh.... I LOVE that place.  We can buy a mini loaf of delicious wheat bread for about $1.00.  And this week we discovered (drumroll please)... A BROWNIE!!  While it tastes a bit different from a brownie back home, it is probably the closest thing I've had since coming to Asia.  Another exciting taste this week came through a present from a student- homemade strawberry jam.  A-MA-Zing!!

Well, tonight the power was out again.  I thought I'd share a photo taken a few weeks ago from my team leader Karen's camera of how we rock the "headlamp look."  It's an adventure every time :)

Ok, I think I need to go to bed so I can get up for my 7 am class tomorrow.  If all of my students show up for Journalism class in the afternoon (which isn't likely with frequent absences since you can't attach any grade to attendance)... there will be 97 students in one room.  May I have a microphone por favor?!?!


Janet said...

How about Freddie the Frog? I'm so excited to read of your adventure in Viet Nam!!! How brave you are in Jesus to travel so far and sacrifice for others.

Nicole said...

love your shirt suzy! yea mayfield and rha awesomeness!

sara yates said...

how about mario? like mariokart - fast. AND i got a puppy named luigi, so we need a mario! (i'm just now reading some of these old entries so he probably has a name by now!)