Monday, April 20, 2009

The little miracles...

This is my last week of classes (except for one more next week).  It is really surreal.  As I have so much I want to do for my last classes in addition to final grades and team commitments and daily life in general, I have worked myself up and gotten stressed with a big TO-DO list constantly running through my mind.  I got emotional saying my first goodbyes to a class of freshman this morning, and that was just the beginning.  

With all of this on my mind, I got a bit bent out of shape when the printer in our room- shared by all on the team- ran out of ink last night.  I remembered the last time we had to get a new ink cartridge, and I think it took a day or two or more??  Well, we are all in the middle of a busy week- needing to print worksheets, lesson plans, final exams, etc... and I started worrying about how this was going to work out- keeping in mind that my thumb drive didn't work when trying to print documents at a place on the street a few weeks ago.  In addition, I couldn't really remember where the place was that I went last time, and I didn't feel like I had extra time in my day to care for this and especially not to spend time searching for a place, and I started fretting about communication once at the place if I ever found it... as my Vietnamese language skills are, for lack of a better word, lacking... which then makes me frustrated I haven't studied more, and down and down the spiral I went.  

So this afternoon, before going out, I decided I needed some quiet time to get perspective and calm down.  Not really a big deal- but with everything pressing all at once, it felt like a bigger deal.  You know how it goes!  And of course, my team study this week is about work- and making our work worship.  I love how He gently and patiently meets me where I'm at and challenges me where I'm "off track."  I totally realized how I saw my to-do list this week as a list of work to get done, and not at all considering it as worship to Him to get a new ink cartridge, to grade hundreds of journals, to wash the dishes by hand again, to plan review games, etc.  My attitude needed fixing, and He did it!  So that is miracle #1 :)

Miracle #2: I left my apartment at 2:30 hoping the ink errand would not take me past 4:00 pm.  As I rode my bike down the street from the University, I saw one of my students and stopped to say hello.  She asked me where I was going, and I shared with her about the ink cartridge.  She offered to help, walked into the photocopy shop two doors down from where we were standing (and where I go each week to make copies for class close to the University), and after about 5 minutes of explanation and a phone call, a new ink cartridge was ordered and will be delivered at 5:15 pm tonight (SAME DAY!!!!) for a reasonable price (less than $5.00 equivalent).  I was in shock that this problem I had worked up in my mind was solved that simply.  I explained to my helpful student how I had asked the Father to help me with this errand, and it was a neat opportunity to share with her how He provided through her.  I was home before 3:00 pm and totally overwhelmed by His goodness!!

Wow, there are so many lessons in this little miracle!  Why did I add time to life worrying in the past 24 hours?  And why was I getting stressed out and being short with those around me over such a minute thing?  I should have thanked Him first, and trusted Him to work it out- as He did in a way that I couldn't have imagined.  Also, why hesitate to share our needs with another when they may be able to help?  I could go on and on, but wanted to praise my Father for His goodness in each and every part of life and share my excitement with you.  

So be encouraged- He cares about the ink cartridges, and even more- your heart!!

(I hope to post some new photos soon :)


Jenn said...

aww... great story! He cares about so much! Today I was getting ready for our big 2 day Event and we didn't have the right computer to hook up to the TV... 6 laptops later, we got it and it all worked out great! yay! love and miss you!

Chris Baker said...

thanks for sharing this! Seems like similar journeys we have been on. You in Vietnam, me in CO. So exciting when you "let things go"...He provides. So neat to read these blog posts, and how He moves and provides. Looking forward to your return on the 9th! Hitting up Chick-fil-a with ya, and everyone else! And seeing where He leads you next!

Ryan and Lizz Durbin said...

Just finished reading 'I bow my attitude' this morning - and what an awesome picture of you putting that into action. Proud of you Suz - Miss you!!!

Janet said...

How often we forget that just as He takes care of the sparrows, He takes so much more care of us!!!