Friday, September 4, 2009

Taste and see...

His goodness has overwhelmed me in my initial days here in Laos! And I am so aware of many people thinking for me, because since I last posted some requests, I have seen so many answers!! Here are a few:

1- A host Laotian family was found for me to live with right away! I moved into a Lao home on Monday and my first week there has been great- full of learning experiences and laughs and sticky rice :) Here is a picture of me with "Me Sida" (Mother Sida) taken on an outing to a waterfall last Saturday. I'm so amazed at how the Father's provided this family for me to live with for the month of September.

2- I'm loving learning Lao! I have fun teachers, and great classmates. Pictured below, you can see all of the consonants I put in order in class- all of which I can say and write and identify when I hear them! We've also learned most of the vowels at this point- quite a bit more difficult than the consonants... plus learning some basic conversations- introductions, bargaining, ordering food at a restaurant, etc. It's really exciting to start communicating in daily life :)

3- He provided a BICYCLE for me to use! I was SOOOO excited when a neighbor lent me Bethann's old bike (Bethann is Sarah's roommate and teaches here in Laos), and was pretty over-the-top excited about the ORANGE color of the bike! I especially love the front basket and back seat for an extra passenger :) Oh, and there's a little bell on it to announce that I'm coming through. Riding a bike is a great way to learn the streets and flow of traffic before riding a motorbike. I've really enjoyed pedaling along on TURBO!

So my life for this month will continue to include bike rides to/from Lao language classes, living with Me Sida and her son and two grandchildren, lots of cultural learning in daily life, as well as some orientation training type stuff with my new teammates who just arrived this week- the Ronzheimer family and Lindsey Nagel.

Thanks for your thoughts for all of us as we continue to adjust!


Anonymous said...

Oh Mag...great blog and thanks so much for including some fun to be able to picture things a bit more. We miss you and are remembering you always. love, momma

Anonymous said...

We're cheering for you! The orange bike is unique and a great provision. And the vowels look challenging, but once you master them it will make sounding out words and understanding them much easier. Hang in there . . . there will be some tough days as you learn to live in another culture. The greatest gift is to love the people while being patient and gracious with them and yourself. Hugs,


Ryan and Lizz Durbin said...

Love it! Excited you are having this opportunity to live with a family, I know that will be a great learning cultural experience. Miss you! xoxo.

Lindsay D said...

Suzy! Sounds like you are doing great! I am so happy you have found a place to live and are learning so much right now! I am proud and praying for you! Keep up the good work!

Jenn said...

Great pics! It looks like you are having a great time and it was great to talk to you last night! love ya and thinking about ya!