Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today was a pretty low day... nothing major happened, but lots of little things going on in my heart and head that began to overwhelm me. I returned home from a run tonight- very emotionally overwhelmed already, only to remember that we were out of water... when I was very hot and in definite need of some cool refreshing water. I really wanted to cry. Actually- I did. We order big jugs of water here since tap water isn't drinkable. I had tried to order water with the help of my Lao auntie over the weekend as I knew we were getting low, and the company had stopped delivering for the day- and I forgot about it once the week started.

I thought I'd go in the kitchen and check one more time to see if there was even a little bit left in the fridge before going out again to buy water, and I was shocked to find more water than I've ever seen before in this house! There were FOUR totally full jugs of water in our kitchen (the most we've ever had has been two), plus two bottles in the fridge which were actually COLD! It may not sound like a big deal, but I really cried after finding that water. Not sure how it got here. I was so overwhelmed at His loving kindness in telling me so clearly and powerfully at that moment, "I am here. I love you. I care about your every need. Trust me." Wow.

Then I just so happened to read about the 5 loaves and 2 fish tonight... unbelievable timing as I just had my own little multiplication miracle. I am so blessed to be His daughter.


Anonymous said...

His love and faithfulness are overwhelming! What a precious reminder Mag. We love you too.

DeMo said...

That's so encouraging, Suzy! I'm glad that you are living the old stories and that He is providing for you!

Beth said...

This is a beautiful story, Suz. Love you.