Saturday, March 13, 2010


Have you ever thought about this question?
What things could have given Adam and Eve victory over temptation?

I had never really thought about that before. As I re-read this familiar story and thought about it recently, two big things emerged in my thinking:
  • First off, it seems like they could've avoided temptation had they gone back to the Father, and talked to Him about the serpent's persuasive temptation to eat the fruit. Had they done so, I imagine the Father would've shed light on the situation- reminding them of His command and showing them that the serpent's words were different.
  • Secondly, it seems like they could've avoided falling had they talked to each other. If Eve had talked to Adam first about what the serpent said, he may have been able to remind her of the Father's command or ask her what might happen if they did eat it, etc.
We were created and designed for community with Him and with each other. I was able to get a whole new perspective on those truths during the CAMA retreat in Thailand. The times of worship and teaching were so incredibly refreshing. I felt like a dry sponge just soaking it all in. I didn't realize how much I missed those things until then! Stepping out of daily life gave me renewed perspective that our struggle isn't against flesh and blood, and that I cannot survive or thrive here- without soaking in Him daily...

... or connecting with others. In the same way, the times with family and familiar friends were so wonderful! I realized how much I've missed and need the body more than ever. I can't do life without teammates and friends He's given me. I am weak alone, but stronger when I am in fellowship and doing life with brothers and sisters. So many people spoke such powerful truth into my life during the conference- I am praising Him for His good gifts in other people.

So why is this blog called "Garments"? Because another truth struck me in a totally new way. After Adam and Eve had sinned, the Father still pursued them in the Garden, called them out on their sin and gave them the consequences of their sin, and then:

"He made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them."

Seriously, if I were the Father, I think I would've said, "Figure it out. You created this problem, you figure out a way to deal with your nakedness." Yikes! I've got a lot to learn about grace. I'm just blown away with how Father turned around and cared for Adam and Eve who had just sinned against Him. Yes, he had given them pretty harsh curses, but He didn't stop there. So I'm thinking about "garments" these days- ways the Father graciously pursues me and cares for me even though I don't deserve it. One of those things was the CAMA retreat. I am grateful and blessed for all he did in my heart and life through it. Thanks to those of you who uplifted the time in Thailand.

What are some "garments" in your life?!

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