Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm thankful for . . . WATER!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and with the current water situation at my house, I've become increasingly grateful for water. I'm pretty sure many Thanksgivings have come and gone that I have not given God thanks for water. It's one of those things that I've taken for granted for the majority of my life. Not any more!

It's funny how you become increasingly grateful for something when you have experienced a lack of it... realizing how much you actually need it. It's ironic, because actually, the people who have very little according to the world's standards are probably the most grateful for what they do have. Whereas those who have an abundance of possessions and wealth don't realize how good they have it and are often focused on the next big purchase rather than giving thanks for the many blessings they already have.

Lately, we haven't had water at our house on a regular basis. At first, the water was just going out on Saturdays... which was annoying because when you are not at home Monday through Friday- Saturday is usually laundry and cleaning catch up day. Our house of four girls adjusted and did our laundry on weekday evenings and took our showers Friday night. Not a big deal.

However, in the past few weeks our water tank has mysteriously been empty (after filling all night)... meaning sometimes there is no water all night or all morning. I've purchased two large black buckets to fill up with water when we do have it so that we can use the water for bucket showers if necessary (even dad took a bucket shower during my parents' visit this week)!

We've consulted neighbors about the issue, and we've tried all of their ideas and nothing has worked. Our landlord has come and tried to fix it and no success. My dad and my field director have both taken a look at the situation. No answers seem to come. A big part of me is Lao and says, "Bo Pen Nyang" (whatever- it is how it is). I can get by with bucket showers and random laundry and dishes piled up and life goes on. We do have a spicket outside that always works, plus we do have very affordable drinking water that is delivered each Saturday morning- less than 50 cents for a large jug of water. Yet, where is the community development spirit in me that says- we can work to improve this situation and make it better- a belief ultimately reflecting the work the Father came to do? That is a whole separate blog post! : )

My point in this blog post is to give thanks for water. I am grateful for an abundance of clean, usually easily accessible water. I never realized how much we rely on water until I didn't have it at my fingertips. I use water to:

-wash my hands many times each day
-wash dishes by hand
-wet a rag to wipe the counter or table
-fill a bucket to mop the floor
-wash my clothes
-take a shower
-wash my face/brush my teeth
-fill a pot to boil something
-wash my feet after walking barefoot

It's not rocket science, but I've come to the conclusion that we need water to do life. And how many days do I never give thanks for water?? And how often to do I forget that many all over the world don't have the luxury of an abundance of clean, accessible water to do life?

In the same way that we need water, we need the Father. Many of us have grown up in believing families, in places where we can freely worship, where most of the people we know are also worshippers, and in countries where there are so many gatherings of believers that we actually have a choice of where we want to worship. I know I have experienced an abundance of the Father- and He has been easily accessible for me most of my life. And as a result, it is harder for me to understand my deep need for Him and to truly be grateful for Him... as I've not experienced much of life without Him.

I live in a place where few fellowships are permitted, and access to the Father is extremely limited, if at all available in many areas. Yet, I'm humbled by the strong faith of the followers, their passion, and their gratefulness for Him. Many of my friends are first generation followers- many are the first in their families! I have so much to learn from them. They understand what it means to NOT have living water, and they want to share that water with everyone around them... that others might also have what they need to do life to the fullest!

Each time you use water throughout your day, would you join me in using that as a reminder to give thanks for the gifts of abundant and accessible physical and spiritual water? And then please intercede with me on behalf of those who don't have either of these wonderful blessings around the world- especially where I live!

John 4:14 "... whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts Suz...loved reading this and being able to totally picture the scene. You've got a great attitude and I'm thankful for that!!! The parallels are great...such a good word pic. Love you tons and miss you so much. momma