Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Season in March?!

The past four days it has been raining nonstop and in the sixties- which is SUPER unusual for this time of year. It is typically hot season in March. I had already put away all my cold weather stuff- but got out the winter jacket and gloves again! Each morning I wore one set of clothes to drive to school in, and then brought my teaching clothes to change into so I wasn't wet all morning. It was a great opportunity to drink more of those special hot chocolate and apple cider packets friends have sent. :) To stay warm at night, I actually cuddled with my computer charger- cause that is one of the only things that gets hot- ha, ha. And I also bonded even more with Wanda as we boldly drove through portions of our under-construction-road, which literally looked and felt more like a lake than a road at points.

I'll be honest, I often toyed with the idea of having a little pity party for myself. But when I was tempted to focus on the negatives, I remembered that it was at least this cold, if not colder, in Japan- and yet many did not have homes to return to, extra clothes to put on, etc. That definitely put things in perspective!

I am sick at heart to realize we are so much like the Israelites- who were always complaining despite all of God's provisions for them. When the weather is hot, we complain. When the weather is cold, we complain. I want to soak up the positives of each season- not just weather-wise, but in my life as well. I have been thinking about how often kids complain about homework, singles gripe about not being married, marrieds are negative about their spouse, couples without children long to become parents, marrieds with kids reminisce to the freedom of days without kids, parents whose kids have grown up miss having them around, and the cycle goes on and on. Each season is going to have its difficulties- so why not embrace each season fully and focus on the only constant One who is our source of joy and life?!

"Why, in the light of something that isn't here, miss what is here?" - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

In other words, why think about the warmth of the sunshine when He's given the beautiful pitter patter sound of rain to wake up to? Thank you Father for the relief from the heat, and for safety driving back and forth on this road. And thank you for this season of life! You know the desires of my heart, and YOU are more than enough for me.


David and Kristi said...

Thank you thank you thank you for such a great reminder. I have been thinking lately of how much I want to meet our baby boy but how that means it won't be just David and I anymore. You put what I needed to hear into words. Enjoy what I have now becuase it is a blessing from above! Love you and praying that you can keep warm and stay safe as you drive.

D'Kyut said...

such an insightful and inspiring post - thank you!