Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Subtle Seeping

Lately I've realized that popular ideas and beliefs of our culture have been subtly seeping into my thoughts and heart. It's a scary reality that this can happen so sneakily that I often don't even know it's happening. In a recent class about heaven and hell, I was taken back by reading some Scriptures on the subject. It bothered me that I was surprised by what I read...And then it hit me- I've not immersed myself in the Word of God to learn what He says, but had allowed my thoughts about this subject to be influenced by other voices. This happened again through a study in Scripture about how valuable I am to God. The more I dug into His truth, the more I realized how I have allowed the world to form my ideas about my value. Wow... I am so vulnerable to the messages around me. Romans 12:2 keeps coming back to me: we must renew our minds! I am acutely aware of my need to study and allow God's word to be my counselor, strength, delight, life, hope, freedom, comfort, light for my path/ direction, understanding, truth, and peace (Psalm 119).

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