Saturday, June 7, 2008

only SIX more weeks . . .

It is really starting to sink in that I will be leaving everything I know in about six weeks.  I have recently trained the gal who has taken my position at work, and it is a bit odd to be done with my job.  It feels a little bit like vacation right now, but I made a master "to-do" list before I leave for Vietnam- so I'm sure that 'vacation feeling' will wear off soon :)  I have also moved back in with my parents to save a bit of rent money, and to enjoy some extra time with them before I take off. What a gift and support they have been through this whole process!

Every day this week has brought some encouraging news and confirmation again of this calling. I am overwhelmed with the support I am receiving from all sides.  When those moments of doubt creep in, our Father graciously and clearly reminds me of Truth and how He has already brought me this far!  How appropriate that our fellowship leader at North Springs is speaking this summer on warfare- and the armor we need to intentionally equip ourselves with.  The timing for this challenge could not be more perfect.

I have been realizing how much I am going to miss life in Colorado and have begun to grieve some of the loss that will come with this transition.  I have loved my job, my cute house and roommates, my great community of friends, my parents who live nearby, my 'fellowship' at North Springs, Charlie my car, Pikes Peak and the beautiful mountains, my gym, and the other casual comforts of my Colorado lifestyle.  I know, it is a bit ridiculous to think of missing Charlie my car... but I have thought about it!

However, I know that there will be so many exciting new aspects of life in Vietnam. I am honestly looking forward to riding a bike and saving money by not buying ridiculously expensive gas- plus getting some extra exercise. The goodbyes in Colorado will be followed by some hellos... and I can't wait to meet my other VTF (Vietnam Teaching Fellowship) team members, team leader(s), and future Vietnamese university students. I will be privileged to experience and learn a new country and culture with so much fascinating history. And most importantly, I am anxious for new and unique opportunities to share the Hope that I have.

Thanks for your interest in the journey!  As I close my first blog post ever (still trying to discipline myself to start following 'communication guidelines'), I want to share a quote that has been inspiring to me this week:

A life incapable of significant sacrifice is also incapable of courageous action.
-Urban T. Holmes III


Jenn said...

only a few more days! I am so excited to see you...
love ya!

swray48 said...

Hi, Suzy. And thank for removing the reference to ELI in your blog.

Steve Ray
ELIC Senior Editor