Monday, June 30, 2008

THREE weeks from today...

...I will be starting this journey to Vietnam. On Monday the 21st, I will fly from Colorado Springs to LA/Ontario for a few days of orientation. Then on the 24th, we will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam (arriving on the 26th) for a month of intense training. Finally, on August 23 our team of 4 girls will head to Da Lat, Vietnam- the city popular for local 'honeymooners.' We'll be teaching at Truong Dai Hoc Da Lat i.e. Dalat University.

I had the wonderful privilege of visiting my brother David and his wife Deb in Longview, TX. They are expecting their first baby- a boy whom they are naming Samuel David- on the day I leave for CA. So even though I won't be able to meet the baby in person until after I return from Vietnam next summer, I was so thankful to have one more visit with them. We enjoyed some time by the pool, painted the baby's room, went mini golfing (and I beat my brother for the first time ever), and went to a berry farm to pick blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries! The last evening of my visit, they made a special Vietnamese meal for me and we celebrated this upcoming adventure together. I am so blessed by their excitement and support!

This past weekend, I was able to go to Pennsylvania and Ohio with my mom to visit family there. I saw my Uncle Gordon, Aunt Barb, cousin Lizz and her husband Ryan (mom's side) and my Grandma Judy, great Aunt Katy, Uncle Rich and Aunt Ruth and cousin Jeremiah (dad's side). It was so great to see everyone and have some time together before I leave. My cousin Lizz and her husband are leaving for Senegal for two years, so it was our last time to see each other for a while!

All of my financial support has come in. Wow, Jehova Jireh! I am so overwhelmed by everyone's sacrificial giving and generousity. Thank you again to all of you have given to make this Vietnam trip possible. I am truly grateful and know that I could not do this without your support. Your gracious gifts were yet another confirmation of our Father's plans for me to go. If you would still like to contribute, your money will either go towards my possible future service (beyond this initial one year commitment). Another option is to give to me directly as I have some personal expenses such as shots, allergy meds, computer repair, etc. that your gift can help cover.

There is no more significant involvement in another's life than prevailing, consistent pr. It is more helpful than the gift of money, more encouraging than a strong sermon, more effective than a compliment, more reassuring than a physical embrace.
-Chuck Swindoll

This quote really sums it up- your thoughts for me are so crucial and important! Really, there is no better gift you could give. So thank you in advance for uplifting me. Here are a few specific requests for you:
  • Please ask that I will be consistent with my walk, and that I would learn how to best share the hope that I have. Ask that doors will open to talk with students.
  • Uplift this transition... that I would "leave" well and express appropriate goodbyes, and that I would "enter" well and be a learner in a new culture.
  • I am asking our Father for new friendships and positive team dynamics.
  • Pr. that my allergies will not be an issue in my new living environment in Da Lat. This is major concern I am trusting Him for.


Rebecca said...

Yay Suzy! I'm so glad you are getting to do so many fun things before you leave.

Yeck, i can imagine all the shots you have to get! How many?

Suzy said...

Hep A, 3 Japanese encephalitis (SP??), plus typhoid pills, and I'm stocking up on allergy meds! Craziness. I am SO thankful for all the friends and family I've been able to connect with!!

Allison said...

I'm so excited for you and look forward to seeing your blog updates throughout the year. :) i'll be remembering you during your transitions!