Monday, July 21, 2008

The Button . . .

Yes, the button has played an important part in these days of transition.  You see, I carefully picked out all of my clothes to take for the year in VN since I could only bring 2 suitcases.  The other day I wore on of the tops I had chosen to bring to VN.  In the middle of the day, I noticed a button was missing.  Not a big deal- a button could surely be replaced quite easily.  I checked our button supply at home and could not find any small navy blue buttons.  So my mom checked at Wal-Mart, and can you believe- even Wally World didn't have a small navy blue button!!!!  We decided we would go to a fabric store in town.  However, yesterday (Sunday), the day before I was to leave, we still had not made it to the fabric store.  We were telling a friend at our fellowship about the remaining things on my to-do list before leaving- including the purchase of a button.  Our friend asked us what kind of button, and we described the small navy blue button we planned to buy.  She then proceeds to tell us that she picked up a small navy blue button on the street outside of our house a week earlier.  She said she remembered thinking, "Why am I picking this up?" However, she took the button home, and brought it over to our house Sunday afternoon.  Would you believe, it was the EXACT button from my shirt!!

Our Father cares for every little detail.  What a great reminder that He goes before me and is with me in EVERY matter as I go to Vietnam... even the minute detail of a button did not escape Him!!

I flew to CA this morning and began orientation.  One suitcase was 51 lbs. and the other 53.  The ExpressJet ticket agent said she would allow the 51 lb. bag, but would charge $50 for the 53 lb. bag.  Of course, I was already emotional and started crying as I pulled out 2 lbs: ant traps and body wash (I figure I can get some version of those things in VN- I hope)... this brought the bags down to 51 lbs. each and she let me through.  PHEW!!!  I may have to transfer 2 more lbs. to my carry-on for the flight to Asia later this week.

There are about 25 people here- going to various countries with various programs(and many of whom I've found connections with).  We are all staying in a Best Western hotel :) There are 6 of us going to Vietnam with the Teaching Fellowship (1 year) program.  3 are going to Hanoi, and 3 (including myself) are going to DaLat.  It was so great to meet two of my teammates today- I am excited to be journeying with them!!  I hope to post pictures of all of us soon!  Oh, and to top off the day, we were treated to ice cream tonight- does it get any better than that?!

On Thursday evening/Friday morning (1 am-ish) we all leave on Cathay Pacific airline on a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, and then continue on a 2 hour flight to Hanoi, VN.

Those are the details I can think of to share for now.  I am encouraged and looking forward to the week ahead.  And I hope my nephew Sam decides to enter the world before Thursday night :)


Gow_spot said...

wow about the button- and soo cool that God cares!

funny about the ant traps and wash.. 2 years ago, on our way to join Ken Norman in Austria (for a Spiritual Emphasis week) we had to toss a carry on that was too big. I ended up putting on like 6 -7 shirts and wore 2 pairs of pants on the next flight!

sooo exciting Suz-- God be preparing your team!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for this adventure you are embarking on. I will follow the blog to see how Jehovah continues to provide. What an encouragement of the lost button. God is good.
Your cousin, Rindi