Sunday, March 1, 2009

Travel Tale #3: Chiang Mai, Thailand

I flew from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand for our organization's annual conference.  It was a GREAT time of encouragement and refreshment.  I arrived a few days before conference started and roomed with my friend from JBU days- Allison Almstrom, and was able to visit a dentist, take care of paperwork stuff with our organization, and do a fun tourist attraction called "Flight of the Gibbon".... a big zip-line course through the jungle.  We could hear the Gibbon monkeys calling through the trees as we zipped around!

Our conference was SO great.  We heard from Michael Card and Joseph Stowell, had great times adoring Him, seminars to help us improve our teaching, and much needed downtime to do nothing and visit with other teachers and friends in different cities/countries.  I'll share more about how He spoke to my heart during ATC (Annual Thailand Conference) in a future blog :)

Ronald has a VN girlfriend??

Riding an elephant!!!!


Jenn said...

that zip line thing looks awesome! I can't wait to hear about those adventures!

Manish Sharma said...
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Jenn said...

update soon please? love ya!

Confessions of an unfinished faith... said...

Miss ya Suzy! Hopefully I can visit Dalat soon!