Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Lovin'... havin' a BLAST!!

I am definitely lovin' this summer!  I've been back in CO for just over a month, and I'm just blown away by the Father's goodness.  Here's a little of what I've been up to :)

--> After hours of flying, I stepped off the plane in Colorado Springs wearing my ao-dai dress and non hat and met over 15 friends at Chick-Fil-A for lunch!  Yum... missed those chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

--> I met my most adorable nephew Sam for the first time in person at 11 months!!  He is SO sweet and fun and kissable... wobbly walker, great smiler, pro-door-opener, and smashing red-hair.  I had a blast with Sam.  Oh, and his mom and dad, too :)  I'm blessed with a brother and sister in law who are great friends and encouragers.

--> I celebrated my friend Liz marrying Ben.  She may have been more excited to walk down that aisle than any bride I've ever seen!  I loved dressing up with fun hair and professional makeup and walked down the aisle with my cousin Chris who was a groomsman.  So thankful to be back for her special day.

--> I filled out the extensive application to serve with CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates), and then had an interview last week... and am excited to be officially approved to go to Vientiane, Laos for 2 years (hopefully longer) to teach English and share His love!!!!  I'll leave at the end of August or early September and spend the first 6 months or so in language study.

--> My good friend and college roomie Rebekah Frazier flew to CO from TX to visit me for a few days.  We caught up on life, and enjoyed the great CO outdoors with some gorgeous, worshipful hikes.

--> I'll go to Ohio/Pennsylvania during the last week of July to visit my Grandma Fetherlin, Aunt Katy, and Uncles, Aunts, and cousins in the area.

--> On August 5th, I'll be having sinus surgery... because my allergies are now under control, but I still cannot breathe clearly due to pollyps and a deviated septum... so I am hopeful this procedure will help- but have heard mixed reviews as to its successfulness.  Thanks for uplifting this with me!

--> I'll be a bridesmaid in my friend Kristina's wedding on August 15 in Texas.  We go way back to high school days- and were dorm sisters.  I'm excited to celebrate her big day with her!

Other random highlights of the summer so far: relaxing at the pool, watching dad cut off his leg cast, visiting Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, garage sales, rodeo, Chris & Emily's wedding, chips & salsa, driving a car, worshipping in English, stores with shoes that fit my feet, and of course precious time with so many friends and my great family!!


dawn said...

glad I found your blog, Suzy! You did a great job on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Oh...it's so fabulous having you home with us for this brief time but the days are going way too fast. Gwate blog sweet gir!! :)love you so much, momma

David said...

Hey, welcome back! Phil told me you aced your CAMA interview. Congrats. We'll miss you in VN, but maybe our paths will cross somewhere in SE Asia. Nancy and I go back on Aug 8.

Confessions of an unfinished faith... said...

suzy! Thanks for the update! You look great and look like your having a wonderful time! I'm lifting you up and your new adventure in laos!

Millersoctober said...

Always love reading your blog posts, Suzy! Hugs.