Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sinus Surgery...

Just wanted to say thanks for uplifting my surgery on Wednesday! Everything went quite smoothly, and I am SO thankful. We started the journey to the hospital around 5:30 a.m., checked in (and to my shock, the woman entering my information asked for my birthplace and then asked how to spell "Africa"), changed into a lovely hospital gown, and the nurse got my IV in pretty painlessly the 1st time!

The nurses were all so nice. My anesthesiologist was like a model with an accent to match her beauty from Lithuania- and she mentioned she'd be using the same stuff that killed Michael Jackson. Oh, dear. One nurse was a believer, and joined my parents and me in talking to the Father before they wheeled me in. She also warned me that I would wake up with the worst head-ache of my life. YIKES. I got a little teary as I went- just a strange feeling of NO control- and wondering what the world you'll feel like when you wake up. But during my readings that morning in Isaiah, I was overwhelmed by the reminders to not fear, because He is with me! My anesthesiologist had barely said, "Ok, it's time for you to go to sleep now" and I was a goner.

The next thing I know, a nurse is wheeling me down the hall saying, "Time to wake up, your surgery is done. You're in recovery now." They immediately asked about my pain level- and I was shocked because I didn't have a headache at all- like everyone had said I would. Strangely- my throat hurt a lot, and I couldn't lift my head at all- weak neck. I think that was due to some breathing tube they stuck down my throat or something?? I kept asking the nurse for ice- that was the best relief.

I realized right away I was able to breathe REALLY well through my nose and just started crying. I think I scared the nurse that I was in horrific pain until I was able to tell her I could breathe! She asked how long it had been since I had breathed clearly- and I told her two years. Those were tears of pure joy. (And I was probably emotionally whacked out from the weird stuff going on in my body). I kind of went in and out of sleeping, and kept waiting for them to bring my parents in. It was also humorous to watch other patients being wheeled in from their surgeries and hear them waking up. The clock was right in front of me, and 45 minutes passed before they wheeled me to another room.

My parents were so happy to finally see me. The doctor had met with them while I was waking up, and shared that the surgery had gone REALLY well. He only found one polyp to remove (although there were lots of polyps in my CT scan in February), a spur to remove from my nasal septum, and TONS of sinusitis junk to remove (yuck)... plus he expanded my sinus areas to increase airflow. He told my parents he's VERY hopeful that nothing will come back because my previous polyps had already disappeared - thanks to steroids and the Father's healing touch!
Oxygen helped with nauseousness... :( This was probably my lowest moment- and I have a much better sense of empathy for people who have ongoing hospital visits- for chemo treatments, etc. I can't imagine how they do it!

My sweet friend Jenn came to visit me and bring me some movies to watch while I recover on the couch. My whole face is puffy and it feels like they botoxed my lips while I was out. Ha, ha- Jenn tried to make me feel better by posing with a similar face :)

My brother Dave, sister-in-law Deb, and nephew Sam sent me these gorgeous flowers! Thanks for the love.

And HAPPY 32nd ANNIVERSARY to my mom and dad (Aug. 6). They were so incredibly UN-selfish to spend their day taking care of me! I am blessed. PTL for His gracious healing and minimal pain in the process. Thanks again for your thoughts.


DeMo said...

Glad it went well, Suzy! I'm excited for you that you're experiencing a sort of new life after 2 years! :)

dawn said...

sounds like it was a grand success. yay God!

Get better soon!

Ryan and Lizz Durbin said...

I cried just hearing that you were crying tears of joy! I am so happy for you. I'm praying for your recovery and hope you're doing better each day. How exciting that you will breathe so normally! Will that change your voice at all? Seems like it might, but I have no idea :o) Miss you cuz - glad you're on the mend!

David said...

Great news! Glad to hear it went so well and provided you with some relief. Hope your recovery is smooth and fast!