Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreaded Mishap

So, you know that little bridge I wrote about in my last blog? Well... we had more company over tonight, and the last guests to arrive attempted to drive their motorbike across the bridge- but the bike fell, and yes- the guy landed posterior on one of those re-bar posts. EEK! His pants were ripped and there was a little blood, but we didn't have to go to the hospital. Thankfully I still had leftover alcohol cleanser and gauze etc. from my motorbike accident. PTL it wasn't much much worse!!!! Gonna take it SUPER slow across our little bridge.

*Funny language note (keep in mind I've only had about 4 months of language study): This guy's girlfriend came into the house, and I thought she said his posterior was "missing" but... she used another word for injured or something... got some good laughs, oh dear.


David and Kristi said...

So glad that he is ok. And praying that it gets fixed quickly before another injury occurs. Love the language misunderstanding...good thing it wasn't "missing"!

Anonymous said...

Suz....please cross the "bridge" carefully! Jeepers! :)