Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Home...

It's usually an adventure to come home every day. You start to expect the unexpected!

Last night, I drove home and bravely convinced myself to ride Wanda the Honda across this little wooden bridge (due to the road construction- which will probably be going on the next several months). The good news is that a paved road will be a reality sometime in the future...may not be for another year- we'll see. Just hoping they can finish before rainy season hits?! And speaking of seasons, I think HOT season must be officially starting today. I have a fan blowing directly on me as I write.

And then this afternoon- I returned home to find that I couldn't even cross the wooden bridge. So what's a filang (foreigner) to do?! I locked up my bike in the middle of the road- ha, ha. Hope my company coming tonight and tomorrow doesn't mind jumping across to my house. :)

Some days the bulldozers are right in front of our house, or blocking the road so no vehicles can pass... but for the past few days, they've been working further down from our house- so that's been a nice break.

At least there is still a lovely back view. That is still my favorite part about coming home! The cows are eating as I write, and I can hear their bells as they graze.


David and Kristi said...

What an adventure!!! Think about writing a book? Love the view, it really is beautiful! You are a good sport, hang in there!

Beth said...

Great pictures of your adventure! I would gladly jump to come to your house, and I'm sure your company will, too!