Friday, April 1, 2011

Leaves & Light

I recently read Rev. 22:1-5... and can't get it out of my head! I keep trying to imagine what this future reality will look like in heaven. I think we neglect to dream and hope about our future home with our Father and Savior on their thrones! At least I know I haven't given heaven as much thought as I should because it seems so mysterious. But these five verses alone leave me so intrigued and hopeful. I would love to know if any artists have painted this... although it may ruin my imagination to see it portrayed by man's limited ideas.

What will the crystal clear water look like? Or the great street? Or the thrones where the river starts? Or this amazing tree with HEALING LEAVES for the nations? Seriously- how big are those leaves?! Does healing ointment ooze off of the leaves? Does it give off an amazing fragrance? Will the nations be gathered under its branches at all times?! How does it bring healing? And will the nations also eat the monthly fruit that comes from the tree? And... does that mean time is measured in heaven? With everything going on in the world today, I am really excited about these leaves!

But even more, it says there will be no more night or darkness... and no need for a lamp or light... because God will give light... He is the LIGHT. The darkness that surrounds us on earth can feel overwhelming. Just watching the news and glimpsing the darkness around the world is heart wrenching. It's unfathomable to even consider what the absence of darkness would be like. Oh, to see His face and be in the light of His presence- forever! I can't begin to imagine never-ending light.

And we have the ultimate privilege to live with this hope... all because He rose.

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Anonymous said...

You articulate so well sweet girl...we ARE so blessed to belong to HIM, to have all this to look forward to, to know that yes, He is risen! May your light be bright in the darkness. love, love, momma