Saturday, April 9, 2011

ສຸກ ສັນ ວັນ ປີ ໃຫມ່ ລາວ ເດີ້!

I hope y'all can see the Lao script above... I am wishing everyone a Happy Lao New Year! This week everyone "blesses" others by pouring water on them... parties, papaya salad, songs, foning (Lao dancing), baby powder, water guns/balloons, BeerLao, and general fun-loving attitudes ABOUND. It really is so great... cheap fun that cools you off the hottest time of year!

This morning we got to celebrate with our Candlelight school and CAMAcrafts staff. SUPER fun, and now I have a sunburn. :) Tomorrow, I'll go to Thailand with my team for some meetings and hopefully some R&R. Would you uplift our time together and ask for His Spirit to unify us, give us His wisdom of the work here, and guide our conversations?

I am thankful to have these next two weeks off of teaching, but I can't believe another 6 week English term is finished already! Yesterday, after handing back my students' final exams, we played a VERY lively dice game. It's really simple, but WAY fun and it's been a huge hit with every Lao gathering I've tried it with:

Each person has their own piece of paper, and there is only one pen for everyone to share. You take turns rolling two die, and if you roll a number 6 and or a number 2, you grab the pen and start writing numbers 1-50 as fast as possible. However, others continue rolling the die, and if they get a 6 or 2, they steal the pen and start their own numbers on their paper, and so on. The first person to reach 50 (or 100) wins! I highly recommend it.

Conclusion: Lao people are SO fun!!!! See for yourself:

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