Saturday, May 28, 2011

All the time...


I am really, really overwhelmed. In a good way. I am one of those people who thinks a lot about details. And as I prepare to move from my home in Laos (of almost two years) back to Colorado, there are a whole lot of details involved. What to sell? for how much? What to give away? to who? Who to say goodbye to? how to say goodbye? Etc...

Yet, I am two weeks from departure, and I am totally floored at how many details the Father took care of before I could even try on my own! And I am in awe of how much better His plans are than mine. It's as if He's saying, "My daughter, why do you ever spend a minute worrying?! Look at how I am taking care of you. Trust me."

For example, my motorbike is sold. And not only sold for a great price, but the gal buying it will be here in Laos for a while this summer, so I can use it up until I board the plane. AND- the new owner has agreed to continue to call the motorbike "Wanda the Honda"... Sigh. :)

Or, how crazy is it that I spent time going around the house, taking pictures of big items to sell, and making a flyer to e-mail to people in Vientiane with prices and descriptions along with the pictures... when EVERY SINGLE ITEM on my flyer was sold before I could even e-mail it to anyone.

And my teammates, the Ronzheimers, leave tomorrow for a 3 month home assignment. Since they have a family of 5, they can take a total of 10 suitcases (that's 2 suitcases per person for those non-mathematical types reading). However, they don't need to take that much with them, so they are taking two suitcases for me. This way I can really take everything I wanted to take back to the U.S. without paying major fees with airlines for extra baggage.

Best of all, my Lao roommates will stay in our current home and two ELI teachers will move in with them... so we can bless them with lots of stuff around the house (and we're SUPER thankful to not have to pack up our kitchen among other things)!! This means continued LIGHT in this home and neighborhood. My heart is rejoicing.

And the Father has allowed me to see His work in several friend's hearts during these last months. Such a sweet blessing and encouragement!

Those are only a few stories from the "leaving" end of things... but as I look ahead to the "arriving" part, I am also sensing His provision and love going ahead of me. My parents are graciously allowing their 27 year old daughter to once again live with them when I first come back. My brother and sister-in-law (and sister-in-law's parents) are allowing me to use their green Geo Prism when I return. And in carrying on the tradition of naming the vehicles I am blessed with, I would like to call this one "Georgia the Geo" while I drive her... so I will have a way to get to my new job- which starts two weeks after I land. Unbelievable.

Psalm 121:8
The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Psalm 126:3
The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Psalm 136:1
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.


David and Kristi said...

Hey Love! So exciting to see how God is working! Such a great reminder that He always is looking after us and we can leave every detail in the palms of His hands. Praying for you as your time there wraps up.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to be recounting "His deeds"...He loves you so much and is lovingly caring for every detail so YOU can do all those important goodbyes and relational things that are so good to be doing! :) Less than two week!!!! Can't wait on this end...praying for all the goodbyes sweet girl. He will give grace.
love, love,