Friday, August 12, 2011


Much of life feels "fresh" right now, so I decided my blog should feel that way too. Even though I have returned to many familiar faces and places in Colorado, those faces and places have changed in new ways... as have I. In the first weeks back, in conversations with friends, in books, and in my spirit- this theme kept emerging.

"... they will stay fresh and green ..."

Who, you ask?

Psalm 92 answers: those are planted in the house of the Lord and who proclaim He is their Rock!

Who wouldn't want to be fresh? And not in the racy way... ahem. In the "new, not faded or impaired, bright, healthy, attractive, full of energy, pleasant, cool, and pure" way... thank you Mr. Webster.

Seriously, who wouldn't want that description of their life?! And since I've started defining things, let me explain the fresh title of this blog. It comes from a book I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying and highly recommend: One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. She explains her journey to discover fullness in life. "Eucharisteo" is the Greek word for thanksgiving. However, "charis" means grace, and "chara" means joy. So grace and joy are wrapped up in giving thanks.

It really comes down to our choices in how we look at life and respond to it.

So in my desire to continue to live a life which is full and fresh, I hope this blog will be an outlet for offering gratitude as I filter life through eyes gazing towards my Rock. And I trust a source of joy to those who happen upon it.


David and Kristi said...

Love the new look and new name of the blog. Can't wait to read all that God has coming your way!

Dawn said...

I knew right away when I saw your new blog layout that you have been reading Ann Voskamp. Write on, my friend!

Linda Lee said...

Wow, impressive and publish worthy; so proud of you! You really are something and I miss that "really something" about you. Inspiring message for all of us.