Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Warp

That's the best way I can describe what it feels like to come back, after a three year absence, to a place I used to live. It's kind of humorous actually, how I automatically assume things are the way they used to be. I mean, a lot of the people I interact with are the same people. The roads I drive on are the same (well, except for the crazy new intersection of Academy and Woodmen). The beautiful mountains and blue sky are just like I remembered. And I'm even back in the same house with my parents that I used to live in. But I've been fooled. Things are not the same as they were three years ago!

One time I drove past my friends' house and asked my mom some question about them, to which I got the response, "They moved to new a new house! Don't you remember?!" Oh, yeah. I knew that they'd moved... I'd even gone to their new house!! But my mind was stuck back in the past.

I've also had several girlfriends get married while I was in SE Asia. I went to some of their weddings. I visited them and their new husbands while back in the U.S. on breaks. I saw pictures on Facebook of the married couples. There was no question in my mind that they were married. But for some weird reason, upon coming back this time, I kept calling them by their maiden names!

The other day at work I wanted to order some business cards. I remembered the process from when I worked there three years ago, and was relieved I didn't have to bother anyone to ask how to go about that. However, upon submitting my request, I was told that what I tried to do was a process they'd changed long ago. I was given the instructions for the new process. Gulp. I'm living in the past.

And then this morning, I suggested to some friends that we meet up at a coffee shop. And, you guessed it, they kindly told me that coffee shop no longer existed... and that we should go to another place, which I'd never heard of!

Change. It's a good thing, I think. ;) If things didn't change, it would mean we never make progress or improve. And how boring would life be?! It's interesting to me to think about change in our hearts and lives, too. I mean, I am SO thankful that God Himself doesn't change! This is one of my favorite things about God. And yet, He is a God of change- continuously working in us to change us more into His image. I'm so glad our God isn't in a time warp. In fact, He already knows the changes to come!

Hoping to come out of my time warp little by little here. Grateful for much grace I've been given in these days of transitions!

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Kat said...

I totally feel ya! Thanks for sharing!