Monday, September 5, 2011

New leaves?!

So, since coming back to Colorado, I've been working at turning over some new leaves. :) A lot of these are related to physical health, but some of these are related to finance or just plan lifestyle goals. Let me share through a few pictures . . .

I seriously went WILD when my mom and dad gifted me with this adorable lunch bag! I am trying to do less drive-thru runs for lunch, and instead bring leftovers or other stuff from home. It takes a bit more planning ahead, but saves time and money... and I LOVE packing stuff in this stylish bag. For some reason, I hated packing lunches for school and maybe it was b/c I used brown paper bags?! I feel so childishly happy about my new lunch bag. :)

Since coming back, I've been working really hard to eat healthy stuff. My stomach was not too happy the first few weeks I returned from Laos, and as I started changed my diet, I've felt SOOO much better. I love putting good stuff in my body. I've cut out lots of carbs, and do lots of fun salads! Breakfasts are protein fruit shakes these days- and they are SO filling, plus they are great to drink on the way to work in the car. Propel water and CLIF bars- two thumbs up. I've also gotten hooked on a WONDERFUL (and free) app. on my phone (although anyone can use it online) called "MyFitnessPal"... it helps you track your calorie intake and has great features like the ability to look up different restaurants as well as a scan bar that automatically enters calories for you! Several friends have already started using it and everyone loves it.

I am still working to get my hair healthy again. After bleaching it blonde for 10 years, I've gotten some shocked responses to my brown hair... but it really is closer to my natural color now! I'm getting used to it, and am excited to have healthier hair (and hopefully save a bit of $$ too). This picture was taken in Wisconsin after my teammate Sarah Laack's rehearsal dinner: left to right = Linda, Myrna, Sarah, me, and Bethann. Fun to see friends from Laos again!

My friend Jenny has introduced me to "P90X" with trainer TONY! It's a big commitment, meaning getting in to work closer to 7:00 am than 8:00 (still working on that one!) in order to get home and devote 1.5 hours to an intense workout before dinner time. And it's 6/7 days a week, for 90 days! I've just finished week 2 and lots of soreness... but I'm already finding I can do more reps on different exercises and am feeling better all around. It's so great to have the accountability of a friend, too. Sitting all day definitely warrants the need for some exercise each day. Thankful for good health!

Are you turning over any new leaves these days?!


Rebecca said...

Where is the lunch box from? I'm working on taking more lunches into work too. :)

You should check out the Sonoma Diet. It's all about healthy eating (not a diet) and the "power" foods you should focus on consuming most. I have a copy and can mail it to you if you want!

Emily said...

That is awesome Suzy, I've been trying to make improvements in my diet/exercise/life for a while. Somethings stick, others don't. I love your lunch box. It's so cute. I've been looking for one since Chris and I just use plastic bags (and are not fun at all). Keep up the good work!

Karen Sue said...

Way to go, Suz! Sounds like you're having fun with those things! I hope re-entering is going well. Still think of you and miss you from Austin! I think I'm inspired to turn over some new leaves in this new place.