Sunday, November 13, 2011


This past week I traveled to Kentucky to assist with a booth to represent our organization at a medical missions conference. Since I flew in on Thursday afternoon and flew back to CO on Saturday afternoon, I really didn't want to spend money on a rental car... Especially since my hotel was only a mile from the conference location. I know money is tight in our organization, and I want to do everything I can... Even if it seems small (like bringing my own breakfast bars... Hey that saved over $20 which the hotel would've charged for breakfast)!

I find that most modes of transportation put me right to sleep if I'm not driving or involved in a conversation. And my flight to KY was no different... I was pretty much unconscious for most of the trip. I woke up as we were about to land, and found out the gal next to me happened to be going to the same conference! After getting to the baggage claim area, I sat down to make a quick phone call... And before I could get a cab to the hotel, the gal who sat next to me asked if I had a ride. She insisted that I go with her rather than pay for a cab. And so I did.

I was really blown away by God's provision. I am so overwhelmed by His love and care... That He pays attention to the little details like a ride from the airport. But as I thought about how blessed I am by the ultimate Provider, I was so aware of how amazing his provision has been during this time of transition. To name a few:

-friends to process life with, play with, laugh with, and pursue God with
-places to live (with my parents from June through November, and 2 great roomies to share a lovely furnished home with starting in December)
-a job I enjoy and a great team of people to work with
-a reliable vehicle in great condition with superb gas mileage

And that list barely skims the surface. In each of those things listed above, I have to admit that my natural default wasn't to trust... I spent some time worrying about those details before even moving back, and spent significant time trying to orchestrate details myself. But over and over again, God provides something that is better than any of the options that I'd considered or worked on. You'd think I'd learn to trust my Provider more... the One who promises to provide everything we need for life and godliness.

How awesome is my Provider? Thank you Lord. I am so undeserving of your love! Teach me greater trust.

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