Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day!

Today was my first day of teaching :) I am teaching students who have studied for at least two 6-week terms previously- so they have some basic English and are familiar with the school and foreign teaching styles and each other. Eight out of 16 students on the list showed up, but that is pretty normal here. There were 5 men, and 3 women... and 3 older students (in 40's or 50's) and 5 younger students- in their 20's or younger. I took pictures of each of them to learn their names tonight! Seeing the students every day, and having a smaller class size will definitely help in this process.

Overall, it went well... it's an adjustment to new curriculum, and figuring out the students' level- (blank stares and zero response to a question is a good indication) but I'm excited to grow into this new teaching setting. My classroom has air conditioning and overhead fans, and the students requested to turn on the air this morning. I asked if they would like the fan or the air, and they responded in unison quite energetically- AIR!! The funny moment of the day was talking about family members- mother, father, husband, wife, etc.- singular and plural forms. I asked one man how many wives he had- and we enjoyed a good laugh together. However, when I asked one woman how many husbands she had- she answered that she has one now, but maybe she will change in the future :) Just kidding of course- but good for her for attempting a creative answer- love it!

I'm so grateful for an office staff who assists us with copies and overheads and class lists and homework lists and all kinds of teaching resources. And my room had a white board and overhead projector and CD player- wow, I feel quite spoiled! It's also a huge bonus to have lots of resources from people who have taught these courses in the past.

I studied Lao again this afternoon after teaching... so it was a full language day, but good. I think continuing to faithfully study Lao is going to be essential for so many reasons, but I think it will make me a better teacher as I am constantly aware of what is helpful for me as a student- and reminded of how much repetition is necessary in the language learning process. Looking forward to tomorrow!

PS- Many of you have asked if I have chosen a name for the temporary motorbike I'm borrowing from some friends who plan to return this fall (as I requested name suggestions in a previous post)... and the winning name- submitted by Miss Jennifer Byham who got to know this vehicle quite well over her Christmas visit- is.... drumroll please...


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Aunt Barb said...

Sounds like your classroom is very nice, Suz. So fun to read about your first day. Love you....