Monday, January 4, 2010

Wait a minute. . .

Seriously, where did December go? Actually, where did 2009 go?? Wow. I usually like to reflect on the past year and think ahead about the new year- and this year my reflection seemed quite short and simple. I grouped the past year into three big highlights:
  • VTF (Vietnam Teaching Fellowship)- teaching English to University students and living in community on a team in Vietnam and growing in loving and sharing Him
  • Healing- the Father has been gracious through visits to Bumrungrad and sinus surgery in allowing me to BREATHE again
  • Laos- moving to Vientiane and learning culture, language, and life here
There's much to be thankful for, and I'm excited for 2010! As I've looked more into the story of J's birth, I've been really inspired by Mary's response... when she could've chosen a negative attitude about her new circumstances- that her reputation would be in question, that people would think she was crazy, that her plans and dreams were interrupted with morning sickness and a growing belly, etc... she chose praise that she was chosen to be used in His grand plan- and obeyed with great faith- NOTHING is impossible for Him.

The more I learn about this place, the more I wonder about how hearts will come to understand His truth, and how I can be of use here. And sometimes I find myself focusing on the negative obstacles. Yet, it's when my focus is on the circumstances around me, or myself, that my heart becomes doubtful or my attitude gets funky. Mary's focus was on the Father, and that's evident in how she chose to believe and praise. I know the Father works outside of my boxes, and loves Laos so much more than I do! And how awesome that I get to be a part of what He's doing here.

My personal hope as I look ahead to 2010 is to keep my focus on Him, and to choose to praise!


Beth said...

Suz- my heart is with your heart. I want Him to be my "ultimate thing"- and I want to choose an attitude of joy in all I do, even if it's the laundry. Praying for you during this 2010 year- and love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Well put sweet challenge me. Love you so much, momma
Where is the photo?

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year! Hope the coming months are encouraging and Life Giving to you and those around you.


Janet said...

I will join you in that prayer!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your blog. You are a great writer and communicator! Love,